Good Old Days

It wasn't true love, can't you see there was only one swing?

As a kid, I grew up fairly poor. My dad worked for Beech Aircraft and we lived a block north of the Main entrance on central. Our house was built as a one bedroom and dad added an addition with an upstairs on the back. In spite of the fact we had natural gas, the best we ever did for heat was a wall heater by the living room. In the back of the house, days like today were the start of sleeping under a ton of blankets. After a summer of sleeping without anything covering us, it took a lot of time to get used to the cold or blankets. When you would get up, it was a mad dash to the area by the furnace to stay warm. Hell, we even had a gas refrigerator but no central heat.

I will try to spell linoleum without spell checker (I finally cheated to get something I think is close). Our house had an industrial linoleum wall to wall, front to back. It was gray with black streaks and looked like an elephant that a bunch of kids had scuffed up. Right to the end, the seams were splitting open and by the time I left home there were many places where there was sand filling the splits. This last year we lost our friend Dennis L to lung cancer. One time we had to give a verbal book report and Dennis got a book about George Washington carver. When he got to the part about all the inventions George made from peanuts he absolutely flubbed saying lineoleum. One time we got stopped and dennis was driving - "What;s the problem ossifer?" Guess who had to get out and blow on the breathalizer. Dennis was the designated driver and hadn't had anything that night. Oh well, I'm sure he is at Fiddler's Green waiting to share a canteen cup of grog. I'll bet that damn cup wont be made out of alummmunum either.

I think I am trying to revive the thoughts that there really were good old days. I wouldn't trade a day today for a month back then. It may have prepared me for Vietnam but not by much.

After watching KU absolutely dismantle a pretty good team last night, I am a lot like Bill Self and ready to see the team grow up and stop the chippy comments. I'm sure that a lot of the fouls called on one of the Morris twins was because the referee got tired of the crap. T.Rob even got a Technical for it. I am ready for them to play up to their potential and see them play Arizona just to see how good they are.

Oh by the way, does Auburn have to get so damn far behind just to stage a comeback? They should get an Oscar each week for letting their opponent score three or four touchdowns and then stage a comeback. What's wrong with playing hard the entire game?

Did Boise State finally show some weakness? I have enjoyed their games except for that blue playing surface. It reminds me of the cheap color TV we watched as kids. I remember going to Harvey's and watching Hoss Cartright riding his horse and being followed by a yellow and blue doppelganger in the early days. I would rather stay home and watch "Whirlybirds" in black and white.

OH well, no one said life would be perfect.


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  1. Mud,
    I was raised in Michigan with it's fierce winter blizzards. Snow on the inside window sill of my bedroom. Glad the "Good old days" are gone!
    Big Ed.