Breezy Days in November

If you don't like the weather in Kansas, wait a day. Generally a warm southerly breeze in November means a cold front will be here tomorrow. It was 50 this morning and that is never a good sign.

In honor of rules to live by, here are just a few that have popped up this week.

  • Never take you wife to a Home Depot or Lowe's unless forced to. They get ideas and that always spells work with a capital W. For some it means money but I notice Barb has been putting some back beyond what she normally saves.

  • When a downstairs couch is replaced by an upstairs couch that is being replaced by a new couch, it is time to make a dump run. (Insert the Lone Ranger Theme here - To the Dump, To the Dump, To the Dump, Dump, Dump...) Perhaps on Monday I can also take a trailer load of stuff out of the storage room also.

  • If you live in Kansas and have been in your house more than 5 years, there will be cracks in the wall. Just the good old Kansas clay walking and talking with wet and dry.

  • When you favorite basketball team gets challenged, it is probably because all they played in the early season were lesser teams. Arizona got 11 minutes of hell from the Hawks and just didn't give up. A little more talent and they might have made it a real challenge. With less than 3 minutes left in the game, it does no good to foul Brady Morningstar or Tyrell Reed. Just let them pass it to someone that doesn't hit about 100% of their foul shots in the closing minutes of the game. It made that damn game go well past my bed time.

  • Just a note to anyone that comes to Rabbit Run. When Barb gets out her camera, smile if she aims it at you. You just might (insert Probably) get posted on Facebook.

  • Barb Juniors nephews were over yesterday and Barbara put them to work making small Christmas trees covered with candy mints. They look pretty good on the table with the home made candle holders we made. I will leave it up to Martha and Barbara to come up with the good ideas, I'm good with tools not pretty. I like Austen's view that women are a mystery to him. The Petty Corollary is that it doesn't bet any better when they get older, they just have more things to change their minds to.

  • Do the potato pancakes get better as you cook more or does your technique get better. I saw a cooking program where they fried their pancakes in a pan full of butter. Mine don't get really good and light until almost all of the oil is gone. I'll have to study this more. The good news is that Taco like about anything I feed him and I think he prefers greasy one's better than crisper one's.

Oh well cracks to fill and places to go.


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