What is your Favorite Food?

For years, I loved cake and could not make up my mind which kind of cake I liked best. Red Velvet and German Chocolate cake were right up there on the top of the list. The other day I bought some Blue Bunny Cinnamon Vanilla ice cream and went straight for a pie to put it on. Humm, do you suppose that I really like pie better than cake? Dang, now I am going to have to pick a favorite pie. Oh, BTW I bought a pecan pie for the ice cream. Yummy!

The other day I was in HiVee and saw they had those wonderful Holiday Red Seedless grapes again. They are great big grapes and sweet and juicy. Put with a Honey Crisp Apple in a Waldorf salad and it was heaven. (Yes, Mayonnaise, celery and marshmallows are in there somewhere)

On a boat going to Vietnam, they served Mutton. I struggled with that bad taste for years and didn't even try lamb because i thought it had that strong taste. I tried Lamb chops one day and found that they are very delicious. I am not sure that I like Lamb chops better than Rib-eye steak but it is close. I have also been known to consume a big old hamburger. Ont the way back from Lawrence yesterday I bought one of those BBQ Boneless McRib sandwiches and remembered that the memory was better than the actual sandwich. Dang I hate it when that happens.

Somewhere I made a goof yesterday. I made an appointment to meet with Rick Frydman on a legal matter and I was 24 hours early. I planned on seeing the Hawks play Emporia. Yes, the game is today. I guess an 8 does look like a 9 with these old eyes and small numbers on a watch. The good news is that Rick was there and didn't make fun of me for being a day early. Rick is married to a cousin of mine and if you need a good lawyer in Lawrence, KS he's my go to guy.

This morning I'm going to make potato pancakes with a side of sliced ham. I think that my garlic mashed potatoes are about the best and made into pancakes they are the best.

Now that I'm really hungry, I'd better go.



  1. I have a tendency to romanticize those food memories like your McRib, too. Vienna sausage and crackers were a staple for my grandfather and he would eat them all the time. He gave me a couple when I was about five or six and I thought that they were awesome.

    After Pop died when I was 19, I grabbed a can one day on the way to hunting camp. They certainly did not taste anything like I remembered.

    Between lamb chops and ribeye, put me firmly in the ribeye camp.

  2. MUD, if the question is "what is your favorite food?" I'd have to say that if I were forced to pick only ONE thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be white potatoes.

    One pie: Buttermilk pie...ate half of one last night after supper.