I think that windmills slowly turning and generating power are beautiful. The field in Western Kansas and eastern Wyoming are pretty as a bunch of puppies.

For those who have not read NIMBY before, it means, "Not In My Back yard!" It is what people say when in spite of how bad things get, they don't want to pay a little of the price to fix what's broken. It is what the people living in the heartland say when Windmills are offered to help them pay for the cost of power. It is what people say when they know that Nuclear Power Plants can cut the cost of burning coal. It is what the retirees say when they don't get a Cost of Living (COLA) raise for two years. It is what people say when it comes to finding out ways to use hydrogen instead of sending billions to others for Fossil Fuels.

The paper today had the first brush look at a Congressional study into what it will take to stop spending into a deficit. One of the sponsors said he and the others may have to go into witness protection if it ever gets acted upon. Here are just a couple of their ideas:

  • Reduce or eliminate the deduction from income tax the deduction on interest paid for the primary residence. If people think being tipped over on the value of their house was bad before, this will be a final blow to a lot of people.

  • Needs testing for Social Security. Those of us that did have the willingness to save for retirement will be told to pay the price for those that didn't.

  • Increasing the age for retirement. I guess if Social Security won't have any money, delaying the age for entrance to the retirement pool is probably the answer.

  • No Federal Employee raises for five years and a reduction of 10% of the federal workforce size. Yep, more unemployed will fix that problem.

  • Only down in the list of things is the cuts needed in spending. Can anyone tell me why we need a Federal Education Department? Why is the CIA not in the Defense Department? Why doe we not have just a Land Force, an Air Force and a Naval Force? Why do we have Marines who have their own Air Force? Why doesn't the Navy and the Coast Guard belong together? I guess if you think this applies why do we have a National Guard and Army Reserve? Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard?

Did you know that the budget Deficit this year will exceed one Trillion Dollars? Next year isn't projected to be much better. In my perfect world, Outgo would be less than or than equal to income. I know, many of you are already yelling NIMBY!


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  1. Barb said that I should have pointed out that the Department of Defense cuts are a 100 Billion a year. Lets see, bring the troops in Korea, Europe and Okanawa home and that is about the amount saved. I saw a Marine General on TV say that they couldn't abide with Homosexuals in the Marines. Perhaps that's another reason to combine them with the Ground Force and Air force. If they can obey the orders of the Officers appointed over them, they need different leadership. Last time I looked the POTUS and the Secretary of Defense made the rules and the rest of the Military salute and move out smartly.