Monday Morning Musing

I saw a picture Barb posted on Facebook and it was different that I remembered the flock looked. She cropped out one bird and turned him completely around. She has the turkey going east when the whole flock was headed west. Just goes to show you that you cannot trust any thing you see. It is completely all right to edit pictures and photoshop is a great tool.

We are going to spend some time working on the house this winter. Barb is pretty sure that I need to shore up the supports for the roof to help the walls stop moving as much. I am pretty sure that in Kansas, walls crack and all the reinforcement in the world isn't near as good as a little dirt work on the outside. Get that mean old water away from the foundation and it will stop walking as much. Our niece Carrie has agreed to come over and take a look at things and to give Barb ideas. She is the architect that designed Barb's ideas into reality.

I just finished a book about a returning Iraq veteran with PTSD. It was kind of hard to not put myself into the story and feel too involved. In the end, the PTSD was mostly a smoke screen for a mystery. I do understand that surviving combat was traumatic and the mind game you had to play to survive did make it kind of hard to re-adjust when I got home.

For me, it was tough to find the place where I had enough adrenalin flowing to make me alert enough to stay out of trouble without crashing between the highs. It was tough to need naps and not take them out in the jungle. There were days that I just sat down and cat napped after a day of humping from location to another. I think it was the nights that were the hardest for me. Staying awake when you are way tired was hard enough. Being out where things go bump in the night is tough.

Oh well, better shut this down and go see if Barb can find a color for the end wall.


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  1. Hey, MUD, have you ever read any of the "Jack Reacher" novels by Lee Child? I think you might like those, if you haven't. Just a guess, they're about an ex-military guy who gets himself into some unusual situations.