Cold Nights

On these cold nights, our temperatures gets down into the teens. During the days, it might get up to 40 but it will have to work hard to get there. Right now, things are dry outside and we could use some moisture but it would probably be snow and I'll pass.

My crack patching is still ongoing and most of that is because of the length of time it takes to dry between coats of thin mud on the wall. I want it to look good and probably am being too careful but time is not the concern right now, appearance is. A well painted wall over a crappy patch looks crappy. A poor paint job over a well patched job looks a lot better. My goal is a great paint job over a well patched job.

I am really torn over the Cam Newton situation. Will the NCAA come back and take Cam Newton's eligibility away after the end of the season because his dad shopped his name to Mississippi State? I would rather see it done up front and over with than come back and take the Season and the Heisman away after the season. It just goes to show you that nothing illegal can ever be done in this electronic age without someone revealing it. The sad part is that he will go on to make millions in the Pros and his team will be the one's to suffer.

Oh well, cracks to finish patching and paint to apply.


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