Spendin' Saturday Patchin" Cracks

This morning while I was drinking my second cup of coffee, Barb said there are deer working on the mineral block in the path below our house. It appeared to be a Doe and her yearling calmly eating the green leaves nearby the mineral block and from time to time trying to get some of the corn out of the mineral block. I think they roll it over to see it the moisture has loosened corn on the bottom. I'll try to get a picture from Barb's telephoto posted here. She takes such great photos. Put a good eye with good equipment and it almost always turns out right. If my camera doesn't take a good picture, it is the camera's fault. I have a NIKON D70 and have learned to never take out the CF photo card. bend those pins and you are screwed.

Yes, it started with a trip to Lowe's with Barb. Paint one damn wall and then move on to the next wall on the list. Can't just paint that wall, gotta patch cracks first. Fill a little, sand a little, fill a little, sand a little and on and on until it is smooth enough to not see any filler or marks on the wall. It will be nice but new paint makes the rest of the joint look bad and I will be all winter painting, filling and redoing. OK, there is time for naps and Blogging so it isn't all bad. 'Cides Barb will be here making it all worthwhile. Yesterday was day one on the Uncle Chuck's Chocolate Chips. There will be Mom B's Fudge, divinity and tons of more stuff between now and Christmas. The BONUS is that we finally got a bag of oranges worth the name. Sam's Club brought us our first bag of sweet oranges. Yea!

Better get back up and do some fillin' and and sandin or I'll never get done. The Big 12 had won all four of the games with the PAC 10. Serves them right. Let 'em have Colorado.


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