My Sister Carol

Do you remember the Coke song a few years back about teaching the world to sing? That has been the life of my sister, Carol Lee. For as long as I can remember, music has been the hallmark of Katy. She sang in College with the Singing Quakers at friends University in Wichita and has been a music teacher since then.

As a kid, we would often go to my Grandmother's house and have grand sing alongs. Carol got a guitar and with grandma (or mother) on the piano and Carol on the guitar we sang up a storm.

I can't give Carol all the credit for my love of music, she will have to share it with Mrs. Holloway the Music teacher at Minneha, but Carol sure put the love of music in there so I could have it to love. I hear lots of people say they can't sing, but the truth is they probably didn't have a music muse to inspire them to sing. I did and I do.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that my brother and sisters have also gifted me with nieces and a nephew. They along with my son are the future of the world and I am glad to have such a fine bunch of people in the family. Janet, Carrie, Jennifer, Kim, Bob, Becky and Kristy make me about as proud as I can be.

Sing a Christmas carol for Carol lee. It is "With a song in my heart" and a smile on my face that I tell you about Carol.


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  1. MUD, I'm really enjoying getting to meet your clan.

    You're a blessed man.

    And, you ain't Mean at all...at least when it comes to fambly.