My Wife

As I look at pictures of our family gatherings, seldom do I see pictures of the person that completes my life, my wife Barbara. As you can see from the photo above, she spend a lot of time with a camera in her hand and with her long lens can catch people without getting too close. The cute blond on the right in the KU shirt is my niece, Janet. There on the lower right is my daughter-in-law Barb Jr.

Back to the reason for the Photo. Barbara has helped me plan and execute a wonderful life plan. She worked hard as a Special Education teacher for over 30 years and touched the life of so many people that it is hard to go anywhere without a person coming up and saying hi to us.
Barb is one of the most generous people I know. She always shops for the kids at Christmas and send a package of goodies to her brothers and sisters. This year she reached out and adopted a family to share our happiness with some people less fortunate.

Now that we have both retired, we are traveling some and really enjoy taking the Roads Scholar programs in photography. IT is some to learn new tricks but mostly to go places that are beautiful. Barb manages to capture the beauty of everywhere we go. I'm sure that the beauty she see's is a reflection of joy she gets and gives during her life.

I want to thank my Grand Niece, Amanda, for taking this picture. It is very nice to have a picture of Barb in her element.


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