Sunday Morning!

Dave and Barb brought their nephews Kyler and Austen over for breakfast. We cooked bacon, scrambled eggs and biscuits and fruit. Dave had to go to work at 10 so he blew out with a good warm breakfast and a package of Uncle Chuck's chocolate chip cookies. It is well that he got some cookies as he named them. My former brother-in-law Gene loved them and Dave called him Uncle Chuck after we had made a trip to California to meet the real uncle Chuck. I think that everyone that eats one loves them. I think Barb and her sisters worked hard to make them as good as they are. They are a pretty good chocolate chip cookie with oats and coconut that makes for a crisp light cookie that is wonderful. They also have Mom B's fudge from Judy's mother-in-law.

Just a point of reference, If you plan on making fudge or divinity, get a good candy thermometer. There is just little room between a batch of either that is too gooey or too hard. It isn't rocket Science, it is chemistry and temperatures make all the difference in the world. If you just want to fool around, make Rice Crispy treats. If you want real Christmas candy get a good thermometer. Somewhere I have the recipe and directions and will post them sometime before Christmas.

The patch efforts are ongoing. I apply several light coats of plaster rather than one big thick one. It takes a while to let it dry before you can sand the excess down to make it all level. One big crack has been working over three days. I hope to get that one finished today and a coat of paint by tomorrow at the latest. It is one dusty mess right now.

Better get on the stick, cooking bacon and making a pot of coffee hardly makes a full days work.


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  1. I hate to correct you, Mud, but making coffee and bacon IS a full day's work sometimes.

    Today would be a good day to accept that, too.