Pithy Pieces and Comments

Every once in a while I will write what I think is a Pithy Blog and expect to be overwhelmed with comments and get none. I also write one every once in a while that bores even me and people comment all over it. I am sure glad that I don't have to do this for a living.

I think the Hawks are going to steal the AD from Tulsa and hire him to replace Lew "something-er-other." It would not surprise me that with the Tulsa and Bill Self connection, he was behind the selection. So long as he pays attention to business and keeps the tickets being sold, I really don't care who it is. After all, it is a business from the AD end of things.

The BIG XII will need a new name. Barb doesn't think we should just change names with the BIG X as things will change. I vote for the Heartland Conference. One way to keep the name is to add two more teams to our list. I think Tulsa would be great and If they put football back in their program Wichita State University. We could be the BIG XII and nothing need change. I think SMU would have been great but they jumped ship this year and it is too soon to change again.

The birds are working the food over this morning. Normally that happens right before a big storm. What do they know that the weatherman doesn't? Could be the clouds have them confused. It is not sunny today and will it have to work hard to get above freezing.

OH well, planning, cleaning and cooking for the next couple of days. Can't wait to see where Josh Selby will fit in Saturday. He would be welcome here for soup but he will probably be a little busy.



  1. I think we need to add a couple of teams too. We have plenty of teams from Texas, so Tulsa and anyone other than a Texan would be good.

  2. I try to comment on my favorite blogs at least three times a week. If I read a post that I want to comment on, but do not have time to comment properly, I bookmark and come back later.

  3. Every once in a while I will write what I think is a Pithy Blog...

    EVERY blogger knows this feeling, bar none. So you're not alone, MUD, FWIW. The advent of RSS readers has made commenting (and visits) that much more rare, as well. But folks ARE reading!