Sunshine, In my Window - Makes me Happy

Every Day above ground is bonus to me. I look out into the yard and get to see Deer, Turkeys, squirrels and more kinds of birds than I can even name. I am in such a good place in my life right now, that the simple sunshine makes me smile.

Tomorrow Barb and I will travel to Kansas City to see the KU Jayhawks play Colorado State at the Sprint Center. We might even stay overnight there because the weather is a little iffy and it will give us a chance to get out and like My Daddy said -"Blow the stink off."

Barb got the Christmas packages off to her family. She puts together a small package of goodies and gifts for the kids. Now days most of the kids get a few dollars up to the age of 18. Just the postage this year was darn near $50.00. Oh well, it is something she loves to do. The Bonus is I get to sample the cookies, fudge and divinity.

We have adopted a family through the United way this year. We don't have the details yet but I'm sure that Barb will do a great job of picking out things for them. Normally we also shop for a Christmas meal for them too. That will be my job.

Barb's nephew is married to a soldier. She just completed some advanced training at Fort Huachucha, AZ and is headed home. We wish her god speed and a safe trip. It made me think about what our Military stands for. I will use They for all the men and women of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard:

They love peace but prepare for war. They love life but are willing to lay down their life for us. They love their families but are willing to go far away to fight to keep the battle there. Most of all they love freedom that they are willing to give theirs up so we don't have to.

Can you see the smile on my face now?


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