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In an effort to be informed, I scanned the US News on my web browser. It was almost a complete failure in that all the stuff reported there was titillation not real great or bad news. I read the local paper and other than a police shooting and a fatal traffic accident, the comics were the most informative. Even dear Abby was one of those columns that you read and go - Duh! To make it all worth while, I read the obits and again I escaped the clutches of death.

I escaped the Christmas season without the world piling up more stuff for me to take care of. A new pair of jeans, a multi tool and a good book was the total haul. The thing that has made everything really great is the people and great meals we have had this week. Tonight we will host a few more people over for enchiladas. Some will be turkey and some will be beef. I will make Barb wash her hands well and not touch anything. She has had a head cold for over a week and She is Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired. For the record I am sick and tired of her being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Poor Baby. For the record, all I have is one ear that flutters from being full of fluid. Not much I can do about that.

I have kind of made up my mind to not make any resolutions for 2011. Yes, I know in a way that is a resolution but if you can't live with it, bite me! I do wonder how many hours it will take to figure out the taxes this year. I have complicated the matter and have several new irons in the fire. I am pretty sure that I have to upgrade Turbo Tax to the one that has Partnerships in it.

Oh well, better get things on the road.


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