This is one time where the weatherman using the Midwest has the storm moving to Ohio and beyond. I wasn't listening and expected the weather to get us and plow us full of snow. It is about 32 degrees and windy right now but that's much better than snow with us facing a trip to Kansas City. I'm sure that you are probably tired of hearing me complain about the use of the term Midwest. To me that should be at least as far west at Denver. We know the geographical center of the contiguous United States is here in Kansas. Somewhere near Cawker City where the largest ball of twine lives. Here in the heartland.

Opened the curtains this morning and three deer are out in the yard. They did lift their heads up and look at me but they know I'm no threat. Barb has banned shooting Bambi here at Rabbit Run. If I were to get a gun out, I would probably shoot those nasty bushy tailed squirrels that chew on the house.

Yesterday I bought a Christmas tree and it was in one of those tree wraps. I got it home and it is pretty sorry. I will probably get the duty to go get another one when Barb gets up and really looks at it. There is hope that it will open up some but not much. Oh well, she wanted a tree for the Birds.

Better run and see if I can get the sausage cooking before barb gets up. She hates sausage.



  1. That last line doubled me over in laughter. Still laughing at that.

  2. Maybe she will not notice the tree if you have enough sausage cooked.