Duh Dennis!

Yesterday, I wrote a letter and then also put the card from the old DirecTV receiver in an envelop to mail. I went upstairs and asked Barb if she wanted to get out of the house. She was almost finished with a book and asked me to wait about 20 minutes. Did that and then proceeded to forget the letters when we went out. Duh Dennis! I hate it when that happens.

It does give me a good excuse to get out today but dang, I hate to start making a "To Do" list in retirement. I do put shopping items on my I-Phone from time to time but don't want to run my life from a list.

Is it just me or did the delay in the passing of the Tax Bill by Congress delay the release of Turbo Tax this year? This will be the most complicated Tax year for us ever. I love the Tax programs but throw in a sale of a house and a Partnership and Oil Royalties and it gets convoluted.

Oh well, moving on...


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