Who would have Thunk It!

- When I was a young teenager, I had a paper route and loved to come home and read the paper. Back in those days there was the Wichita Eagle and Wichita Beacon. They combined and there was a morning and an evening paper. I tried to read every word. Today the local Topeka paper wouldn't make 1/4 of what either paper was daily. In addition to the paper, I read a lot of books. None of this prepared me for the proliferation of paper we have today.

Actually there isn't more paper as much as more data. It really isn't facts or information until it is fact checked and or organized. Just as Facebook and the Internet have exploded the volume, the standards of what's what has gone down to Nil. I don know how many notices to beware of something I get in a month only to find out that it is a rehash of an urban legend or just some completely made up story out there making the rounds. There is also that group of publicists in Hollywood that feel that any news is good news.

On the other hand, our family get together was completely stories of our lives and laughter that brightened our spirits. There was enough soup left over to feed a small country and whoever hosts the get together generally winds up with a white elephant or two left instead of going home with the giftee. We started with a bucket of books and now have two. Oh well, it was all worth the fun.

Da Barbs came up with that game Fact or Crap and we made into a family truth or not game that was a hoot. The next time we will go around the room between questions and share the embarrassment. Very creative stories. they would mix in just enough fact to hide the crap side. For example Rick said he got hit in the head with a hatchet. In fact, it was the back side of a double bladed axe.

I hope that this is just the precursor to how much fun Christmas will be.


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