Thursday Thoughts

I am torn about the Wiki leaks. I do think that a more transparent Government is in many ways, better but having been there, not everything needs to be public. By the same notion, not everyone really cares what the insiders of our Government says or does. For example, in the real world, meetings do not have to be public if things of a personnel nature is the subject and negotiations over a contract. How could any Government agency do business if every bid they get for a purchase is purchased prior to the bid closing. I think there is a law against that.

Christmas is almost here and I don't have that warm cookie feeling this year. You know, the same feeling that a hot chocolate and a cookie gives you early in the morning. I guess I should stop listening to Dave Ramsey and the problems of the world. I'll see if my radio can bring in some Christmas music and quit listening to Talk Radio.

Just when I thought our Government was headed the right direction, they pass a bill that hold steady the tax brackets, cuts withholding and extends unemployment. In my humble opinion they need to cut spending, pay the bills and head the Government to way we would all run our family. The simple rule is that outgo must be less than or equal to income. Ideally with the level of debt, It needs to equal and include a percentage of the debt repayment. Adding a Trillion to the debt is not my way of getting out of debt.

Oh well, moving on...


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