I wonder?

Why would K-State go all the way to Chicago to play in a 5,600 seat stadium? If Loyola had come to Manhattan they could have sold out a great and big place to play. They deserve better. Someone at KSU needs to have his job rating lowered for that one.

Why would ESPN say the roof at the dome in Minnesota collapsed when this is the 6th time it has deflated in snowy weather? Seems like someone should have been there to inflate and deflate the roof a little to knock off the snow. After all, this wasn't the first time. Another job performance review that should be than less stellar.

Why on God's green Earth would anyone expect the KC quarterback to play today after having his appendix out on Wednesday? Brett Farve had the crap kicked out of him last weekend and everyone want him to play today. Hell, I know 40 year old's that have fallen down and wound up in the hospital. Give him the Iron Man Award and let him watch.

What is in the method of Coach Bill Self to claim the hawks are slipping after they win by 20 points over Colorado State? Kind of like the neighborhood bully beating up the little kids and then calling his team sissies. Colorado State probably has their sights set high after such a fine game and here is Bill kicking sand in their faces.

It took about an hour to park and then un-park at the Sprint Center in KC. That was my first and last time there. Even with Garmin Nuvi, I wound up getting out by feel not stellar directions. In the valley of the tall buildings, the Garvin kept losing its connection to the real world. The persons directing traffic in KC were terrible. Another job performance review that should be a lot worse. Surely there is someone that could synchronize the lights and traffic flow to let 16,000 people escape the clutches of KC traffic. Heck, it was 8:30 on a Saturday night so what it they blocked off the roads a little. It took us most of a half an hour to get out of the parking garage.

What would about a thousand birds be doing for food this morning if it were not for the feeders here? They are standing four or five deep to get into the suet block and the seed feeder.

Sometimes I wonder why I try to write this crap?



  1. You write because I like reading it.

    But, I'll never understand your love affair with that new-fangled GPS thing. I love me some maps.

  2. It is a love hate thing with the GPS. I love it when it is right and I hate it when it says "Recalculating" over and over.

  3. Sometimes I wonder why I try to write this crap?

    Well...what Paul said about writing.

    And, as much as I love me some maps, I have become a believer in gps. Didn't know why in the world ANYBODY would ever need it, until I used one.

    I'ma hooked!