Still Checkin'

Every morning, I make my way out to the end of the drive and fetch the paper. Yes, I know that one day that medium will go away and I'll probably just make my way over to the computer and hook up electronically. For some reason I would rather read the news than listen to some person tell me what to believe. Besides, I have to check the Obits every morning to make sure that I;m not there. Be real bad to be dead and not know.

Every morning I get up and open the curtain to the world down below the house. It is always interesting to see what is going on in the local world. I also check for signs that the possums have discovered the bird seed outside but so far they are absent. The finches squeeze the thistle seed and leave a pretty big mess. The possums eat that and it goes through them like grease through a goose. They leave what looks like little footballs made out of seed.

Barb has Rabbit Run about decorated for Christmas. I bought an 8 foot White Pine tree but is doesn't seem to be as big around as the usual trees. I guess it is just a normal tree and pretty but it doesn't fill the room like some did. Next year. After the first of the year, I'm going on a wall painting move. After about 10 years, the walls need some help. I may also take some of the wood trim off and re=finish it where it has been banged - a lot.

Oh well, I hear a cuppa coffee calling my name.


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