Just the other day, I was asked, "What the heck is this MUD thing?" For one more time, it is a nick name that I earned from my niece many years ago. I worked in a gas station and one day my sister and the girls stopped in to visit. I loved to sneak up on the station wagon and growl at Janet and Carrie. They always squealed and I thought it was great fun. I truly loved them and would never do anything to hurt them. This one time, Carrie turned to move away from the window and got her foot tangled up in a blanket on the floor in the back. As odds would have it, she fell and hit her mouth on probably the only part of the car that she could really get hurt on. It caused he a lot of pain and broke a few teeth. I was mortified.

I went to the little restaurant next door and got her an ice cream bar. I know an adult could not have eaten it but I'm sure the cold felt good to a little girl. As she ate it, she said Mean Uncle Denny, Mean Uncle Denny. My sister Myrna Sue said, "Yes, your name is MUD today"

For a long time after that, when the girls would cal me MUD, they would giggle. I have always tried to remember that sometimes when I growl at people there are unintended consequences and that poking fun at myself is a good thing.

So, in the spirit of a loving Uncle, Mean Uncle Denny or MUD wishes you all a Happy New Year and remember to smile when you growl at little girls.



  1. Dangit, MUD!

    I was enjoying the whole "Let MUD show you his fambly" deal...

    And, then you gotta spoil it all by putting a pitcher of your ugly mug up hyear!

    Happy New Yearz back at ya', MUD! Seriously! Hoping the best for you, and the entire Mean Uncle Denny clan in 2011.

    And, I shall remember to smile the next time that a growl at a little girl.

    Actually, I don't growl at little girls, but I'll go find one, and do it anyway...with a big smile on my face...in your honor.

    I'm liable to get arrested, and it'll be all your fault. But, I'm gonna do it anyway...in your honor.

  2. Great story! I bet the girls today think "Mean Uncle Denny" is the greatest!!!

  3. I useta growl at little girls to good effect but that was when I was a little boy. Well, neither the girls nor I were all THAT little, come to think on it.

    Thanks for posting this, MUD. I find it interesting how we come by our nicknames.

    It's a bit early, but Happy New Year!