This is the first Christmas without Mom, Mel's is in New York
This is my sister Myrna

- This was the first Christmas without Mother and I think the Petty Clan did their best to show up in mass and have a great time. With Barb at the Camera Ready position you know that everyone had a smile on their face when captured.
I thought it might be nice to share a little about my family one person at a time. The second picture above is my sister Myrna. I think I have my love of reading from her. I remember sitting on her bed and reading with her from an early age. I'm sure that she helped me through a lot of tough times when Dad had his problems when I was a kid. I know that she was always a solid spot in my life and I have a lot to be grateful to her for.
I am pretty sure that somewhere in our genes, we Petty's all got the excess cholesterol gene and only because of the Statin drugs am I able to avoid the health problems Myrna Sue has. When my brother and I compared medications, we are both on the same stuff and thankfully we can tolerate it. Myrna has to go to the KU Med Center on a regular basis for the new chellation therapy for excess cholesterol. I am very glad that we have her with us to share Christmas with the kids. Her smile and great stories added to the festivities. I hope she can be with us for many Christmas's to come. her husband Ray was down in the back this year and didn't make the trip over. We missed him.

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  1. MUD, that's some beautiful ladies. I know you really miss your Mom, but the fact that y'all kids are still close really says a lot about her.

    I know she's proud of y'all.

    Merry Christmas!