Just a Few Thoughts

At what point are we going to stop the madness and ask if something is right or wrong. For example, every law Enforcement Officer that responded to 9/11 had the same medical benefits available that most of us have. In the case of the Officers and Firemen, they have excellent benefits that probably convert to a fully paid policy if they are medically retired due to an injury or illness in the line of duty. Additionally, almost every worker in any system that is medically disabled will receive about half of their salary and that is all tax free. The initial payment by the Government to the Victims Compensation fund gave almost everyone connected with a claim a pretty good amount of money. Why in the light of all this are we paying more money to them? Yes, because it sounds good to our congress.Trust me when I say that I have the highest regards for Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters. It is just that I sometimes wonder why we try so hard to spend the money we don't have.


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