It just keeps getting better and better. Today will be cleaning and shopping for tomorrow. Then what a day tomorrow will be. I will get to see the hawks play at 11 AM in Lawrence and the family will be here at 3 for our family gathering. Don't know when I will squeeze in a nap but I'm sure to need one. We'll see.

Barb bought a game to play tomorrow. It is truth or crap. Each person will write five statements that are either truth or crap. The group will have to decide if they are telling the truth or telling crap. Should be a fun game. With this family, finding out the truth may be a challenge. There are many gifted story tellers. The one that always kills me is Barb. Little miss innocent can make up some whoppers and no one thinks she is any where capable of telling lies. On the other hand my story telling prowess is well known.

My dad's first cousin, Mark Edmonds just sent me a couple of small pictures painted in the 40's by my grandfather E.E. Petty. The were gifts to Mark's family and one's I had not seen. One is a winter scene in Kansas and the other is a boat tied up by a stream bank. It is very obvious that they both have darkened. I need to seek out someone at the University to see if there is some way to clean them up a bit. I have one picture of a skunk and a snake that is so dark you almost can't see the snake. Mark, or Tiger as he is known to his fellow long riders also sent me a copy of his book, Confessions of Scooter Trash. Doctor Edmonds taught at St.Leo University in Florida and just recently retired. I hope he can get back this way this next summer. He has a ride planned out in draft but with long riders, the wind and weather always has a way of changing things. a small taste is available at http://www.drmarktigeredmonds.com/

I love it when Barb and I get to share ideas at the breakfast table. She thinks that the Republican party will have to adopt the President if he gets any more Bush like. We both are trying to imagine just who the Republicans can nominate to attract the 20% of the uncommitted in the middle. It is pretty clear that Sarah has 40% of the vote but the middle and the right both think she is old news and not all that good at that. The problem with Republican nominees is they self destruct by going over to the Regan side and scaring away the middle and the left. The Democrats just can't keep their hands and their peckers out of the cookie Jar. I wonder if the POTUS is keeping his cigars out of the oval orifice? He did have Bill drop by this week.

Miles to go and lots to do, have a great day out there.


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