Just Thinkin'

- What would the world be if we didn't carry a shield and a sword? If we just let all the Petty Dictators wreck havoc any where, any time, would the world be a better place over all? How many people do we kill in the name of peace and safety? Who is the biggest threat? Is it us with all our might, a dictator with a Nuc, A Leader with a religious with "Might makes Right?" How big does a war have to get before all is lost? Yes, I do understand Death is Binary - Either you are or you are not.

- If it is the middle of the Political spectrum that elects the President. (40% Republicans and 40 % Democrats with 20% undecided) How can we select just those people to vote and eliminate the need for an election. What possible way could we determine the real need of the rest of us and cut the cost. I know that a lot of those that have made up their mind just don't want to listen to the crap for a year ahead of the election.

- Just where should we spend our money as a Government? Is the Constitution even a good guide anymore? Lets see, it was National defense, The Post Office, Common commerce between states and Congress. We have a Government doing so much that it is no longer recognizable from the language in the constitution. Is this what a Republic evolves into? Is it evolution , devolution or revolution?

- Why is it so easy to listen to the good things about a religious and moral society and then get side tracked when things get a little hard. Why did we elect a Democrat during the Depression and Germany elected Hitler?

- Where does it say that the Government must rush in and save us from ourselves? Smoking is an end to its self. Can and by what right can the Government save your rights if it tramples mine? By the same notion, at what point does the Government spending take the extra money that is needed for investment and growth out as Taxes. If my momma said you can't spend yourself out of debt, why doesn't the Government listen?

How can people in the United States say that it is the teachers fault that our children aren't getting the best education? If almost 40% of our couples can't make a marriage work, why do they get trusted with raising children? If our Government solutions is to jump in and take over, every single man should be issued a woman and children to take care of. No more free ride Jimbo, take those children to raise.

It is our money, our rights, and "Our Government." Why can't we get it just right, just once?


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