GPS Vs Maps

In my younger years, I was the kind of person that could generally find his way somewhere because of an understanding of direction (N,S,E & W) and the ability to read a map. If I had been somewhere once, I could almost always find my way there again. In Kansas that was aided by the fact that most roads run true on the prime directions. If you take I-70 West in Kansas you sure as heck will wind up in Colorado. One special occasion, the wife used my Son's Best Buy discount to buy me a Garmin Nuvi. I am now convinced that the additional benefits of the Garmin has more than made it worth the cost. In addition to being able to drive door to door, it provides the location of restaurants and places to shop when we are on the road. Throw in the search benefit of the I-Phone, and the old saying, "You can run but can't hide" is nor more true than ever.

The only feature that I really don't like is the "Recalculating" it announces when I am forced to change direction or decide to make a short side trip while going somewhere. Pull off the road to buy gas and it will announce, "Recalculating" until you resume the right road and prime direction. having been married for 42 years, I have had a live person make the announcements that I was going a way or to places unknown. I have only been completely lost a very few times. I even have been known to take short detours like my Dad did to bypass towns on trips to the same places over and over.

I am sure that if I were to be a delivery driver or a person making calls on people, I would even find more uses for the Garmin. This is one gift that keeps on giving and one i would recommend for your Christmas list.


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  1. MUD, in a previous comment I mentioned that I am NOW a believer in gps.

    When #3 son was to graduate from basic at Fort Benning, in Columbus, GA, his fiancee' (at the time) was going with us over there, and insisted that we take her gps device.

    I was like, "Hon, I've made it 50 years without it, and navigated through cities from sea to shining sea." But she insisted.

    Dang...she's a smart girl. That was the most confusing dang town I had EVER been in (and I've even been to Alexandria, and New Orleans, LA...EXTREMELY confusing).

    That little trip made me a believer. I felt like a high-tech redneck, and know now just how good that deal is.

    In fact, Pam told me the other day that she wants one for Christmas.

    I love that...I know exactly what to get her, and if she bitches that it doesn't sparkle, or smell good...well, it's on her.