We asked our good friends the Triggs to come over and have supper with us last night. It gave us all a chance to meet and greet Riku their little girl. You can sure tell that she is Daddy's (Travis) little girl. Such a smile and a pleasant personality. Her mother Britany was a joy to visit with also. I made up a big batch of enchiladas and man were they good. I made some turkey and some beef enchiladas and I am hard pressed to pick one as my favorite.

I can tell that Barb is nearing the end of her cold but Dave came over and helped me make the enchiladas. It really helps to have one person putting the corn tortillas in the hot oil and the into the sauce. If you get the red sauce on your hands, it does not pay to handle the corn tortillas as they go into the hot oil. It is splatter city unless you use tongs and keep everything dry and clean as you use hot oil. Yes, I know that it adds calories to fry the tortilla a little but I have tried to make them with out that step and they are just crappy without it. If someone can find a better way, I'll skip frying but so far nothing I have tried works or tastes the same. Dave worked it all out to a matter of timing and did an excellent job. We both smelled like enchiladas after cooking but what a great smell.

I ended the evening watching the KU JayHawks play basketball. The coach really moved the line up around (for a lot of different reasons) and again a different set of guys stepped up and really helped the team win. Texas-Arlington was a great team for about 1/3 of the game, a fair to middling team for about 1/3 of the game and provided the hawks with someone to play against for 1/3 of the game. Thankfully it was at the end of the game that they just were there and the hawks won handily. For the first 10 minutes of the game it was hard to watch but the last 10 minutes were great. Come on Bill, a win is a win. They are kids playing a game and winning.

This morning it is in the mid 50's and windy. Normally this means that a cold front is headed our way. Warm air sucks up from the south and meets a cold front with mixed results. Many times when I was in the Guard, there would be a blizzard closing I-70 and a tornado near Pittsburg, KS. Who knows what this front will blow up.

Better run...



  1. The First Mrs. Pennington makes her enchiladas with flour tortillas, which eliminates the need to soften those corn torts up before ya roll the enchiladas. No hot oil to worry about, either!

  2. Enchiladas. Sounds so good I'll have to visit my favorite Mescan
    restorante tomorrow. I've tried making them here at home, just can't get the flavor right!

  3. The best enchiladas are made with the mild "Old El Paso" sauce. I try to season everything so it tastes good and when I put them together they taste better. I use corn tortilias, fry them a little, dip them in sauce, add meat, a spoon of mixed vegetibles, a pinch of cheese and wrap the up. About 20 to 30 minutes in the oven and they are heaven. I love them with turkey, smoked chicken, and beef.

  4. The best gringo enchiladas are made with the mild "Old El Paso" sauce.

    I fixed it for ya, MUD. ;-)

    Mexicans use Las Palmas sauce, which isn't available just anywhere. TFMP had massive CARE packages of that stuff sent to us when we were stationed in Japan, coz there is NO substitute.