Paint in a Can vs on the Wall

Barb picked a fairly mid range color called Caramelized Onion to make the end wall of our living room look neutral. It came out looking like an OD Jeep dipped in a mud puddle. That to me serves as an analogy for many of our lives. If our lives are too simple, it will take either a serious strong color or some good ornamentation to brighten it up.

Why do we celebrate the performance of an actor? Why do we watch those reality shows where extremely dirty people do things that few of us would endure? My friend Mindy asked on her Facebook account today who are our Heroes? I want to know what it is that makes people a hero and others who for the lack of notoriety don't get recognized? I might shine in my own little world, but the guy that runs the transient shelter that houses the homeless in cold weather make a much more positive impact in the world. A dry warm bed and a filling meal might just make the difference to someone less fortunate.

Can anyone tell me why someone would spend $40,000 on a Chevrolet Volt and expect a $7,000 rebate from the Government? Will reducing my carbon footprint to a lower level save the world worth the added expense of an electric car? I really do understand why my brother bought a Prius because he drives to hell and gone all over the State of Oklahoma each day to serve the patients his company supports. I don't know, and I expect he doesn't either know, if the value of the Prius is supported by the expense in the long run. In the short haul it looks good but if it dies ugly like my Vega did, will it be a good return on his money?

My niece Amanda was looking for a topic for a paper in her Econ class. I told her that investment is a grand topic. For one, when does the return of my money become more important than the return on my money. If the rate of return is based on risk, when does it just not make sense to send your money out there in the cruel world. I for one can tell you that the stock market has absolutely not been my vehicle of investing. Custom Electronics and General Motors both took my share value and crashed it on the rocks. Did the bells not go off when Bernie Madoff was sending a rate of return way above the market? The part I don't understand is how so many people lost every dollar they had invested in a single source investment.

When does life that is tranquil become one of boredom? Why can't people find enough to keep them satisfied with a nap now and then? Oh well, I have stirred up enough weevils in the soup today.


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