NCAA Men's basketball

The other day, Barb printed out a copy of the blank bracket for the Tournament and it didn't have things like locations on it. I started looking at the possibilities and it got complicated beyond what I thought might be a quick listing. For one thing, I don't have a clue who are the automatic play-ins are. I am pretty sure that some Post Season Tournament winners are automatic even if they don't have 20 wins. This year there are four play-in games, called the first four, that has expanded the tournament to 68 teams. I can see why the Tournament Selection Committee goes into hiding (sequestering) to try to sort it out. One complication I found is that the Locations for the first and second round can be co-mingled and aren't the same as the Regionals. a Number 1 seed can find themselves playing the number 16 seed in Cleveland and be out of the Western regional. The only thing that is kind of locked in is the Final four in Houston April 2-4. I think they are trying to cut down the travel costs for the "One and done" teams. There are 64 teams the first two days and then 32 and then 16 at the end of the first weekend. A lot of teams go home and a few get to play on.

Last night, K-State gave KU some breathing room for a win in the BIG XII season title. It will be theirs to hold or lose if they can win out at Texas A&M at Allen and Missouri at their place. The second question in that discussion is now that K-State has won some tough games on the road can they continue down that path in the BIG XII Post season Tournament? Or better put, can anyone stop them?

Can you tell that I am a March madness Fan and really looking forward to the tournaments? Yes, I know the regular season isn't over yet. There is another week to play out and a week from Wednesday the BIG XII tournament starts. Then the big dance starts on the 15th.

Just a note to all of those of you out there that really don't have a watch that can tell, today is officially 3/1/2011 not the 29th of February. I don't think we leap until next year.

Have a great day out there.


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