After 44 years of marriage, I am not much better at understanding women than I ever was.   I guess I will try to do my best and move on.  

Yesterday I looked for an old pair of jeans to wear while working outside.  I looked and either all of the old stuff was dirty or they were too nice to really get down in the dirt.  Yes, that was the problem.  One day I had to crawl under Dave's home and fix a broken PEX line and another day I had to dig up a rusty pipe.  Both were not just dirty problems, but muddy one's also.  I had to clean up the wash machine after I did a load of laundry.  I didn't know that was a problem.  Either I have done too much laundry or too little.  

When Dave moved into his home just up the road from us, there was a second deck built next to the first one.  It was one of the worst decks and severely in need to tearing down.  There were several long treated lumber boards in a pile that I have been trying to figure out what to do with.  Barb wanted an arched bridge across a garden feature in the front of the house.  I did buy some boards for the main structure but cut the left over boards into 3 foot sections for the decking on the bridge.  Now I need to figure out how to make the hand rail curve like the bridge deck.  I am thinking about that and I'm sure I will find a solution.  Either that, or I have way too many tools. (or nearly not enough garage)

Speaking of tools, have you noticed that just when you add a major tool to your collection, you find that there is a new tool with a better feature you just seem to need?  And, after cutting enough tiles a couple of years ago, your tile saw is just setting there like a lump of mud.  I also have a collection of extension cords that are either too short or too long.  I hate working on a job and tripping over a pile of cords.  Then there is always the problem of when you pick up the cord, it never seems to unroll out without having knots and  places where it ties its self into a smaller cord than you need.  I have a cord over at the rental house that is on a hose reel.  I should bring it here but it was cut into segments and patched so many times that I should take the old cord off and throw it away.  My mother had spirea bushes and they grow like mad in Kansas.  About once a year while trimming the bushes with the electric hedge clippers, the cord would get cut in two.  

Oh well, I guess I 'd better get moving or just grow lumps right here.


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