Life at Rabbit Run

I hope you have a summer planned out to get a lot done where you are.  We have been busy and things are starting to look pretty good.  It has made me want to get a lot more accomplished and Barb has always had a lot of good ideas for what the end state of the place will be.  I assume I will soon have to make a run to the rock place and get some rocks for a retaining wall.  I could take down the old wall and use those rocks but not sure what the vision of the end state is.  If I know Barb, she will want rustic rocks and not those finished cement block look.   Spell that with the words heavy "som bitches" in there some where.  Another load of rock and a load of dirt will be in the mix somehow.   I will do structure and Barb will do pretty.  She has a great eye for that I do rocks well. 

My Ransom mower has not been running well lately.  I have been having a tough time getting it to run up to speed. A a slower speed, it doesn't do a good job of mowing even.  I had the fuel tank boiled out a few years ago and it is now rusty inside.  I had to replace the metal tank with one of those plastic tanks.  New tank, lines shut off and fuel filter and things are back to the good side.  I think I have finally found a mower shop that will take the time to look on his shelves until he finds a part that will do.  At the price I pay, they should be glad to see me. 

My diet has been going pretty well but it is holding right about the 250lb mark.  I have had to cut new holes in all my belts and things do look a bit baggy.  Another 20 lbs and I'll be right where I want to be.  The question is will the Doctor be happy with me at that weight.  We'll see.  Most important is the delay in having the diabetes develop.  I hate the thought of having to prick my finger to test it all the time. 

Better get moving and see what rocks Barb will want.  May have to have them delivered.  We'll see.


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  1. MUD, I loves me some Spring & Summer. But, we're so dang dry down here that I've finally started wishing ill on my friends up your way, so that the moisture will evade y'all, and drop south.

    Man..it's dry! Has been for way too long.

    Glad the diet is going good. I lost 80 pounds when I was in my late 20s, and have only gained back about 15 of it. Of course, I'm a shrimp now...you're a big guy from the beginning, so the thought of 230 as a "goal" is kinda foreign to me.

    Heck, I'd have to eat day and night, night and day...actually, that sounds pretty good!

    But, with Summer coming on (in the 90s here today...and too dang dry), my appetite falls off.