Life as I See It

Just in case there is one person left out there that doesn't know, I am a conservative and unhappy with the way our Government is Governing.  At the start of this year, the two things our State Legislature had to do was pass a budget and redistrict.  They are at the end of the session and neither of those tasks are done.  Were I in charge, I would hold their feet to the fire and not let them go home until both are done.  I would also not pay one penny of extra pay for them to do their job.

Now, back to the really important things at the National level.   When have you been given a list of the priority of this Government?  Do you think they have a clue?  I hear complaints that the judicial branch is driving legislation and then I see that the budget process (or lack thereof) is steering the social agenda without many people knowing what the heck is going on. 

My priority list would start with those responsibilities mandated by the Constitution.  Defense of the US, Interstate commerce,  are at the top of that list.   I would do my best to make the programs out there work or get eliminated.  If an item goes unfunded for more than one budget session, it would have a sunset provision.  

Life is not fair or equal.  You have the same opportunity I had to get an education, work hard and save money. You will not be given equal pay for unequal work.  Ditch diggers do not make the same money as Brain surgeons.  I know the ditch digger works physically harder, but it isn't just the working hard but the benefit to society.  What I do not understand is why professional Athletes and Actors get paid millions of dollars to play or act.  But, I will not try or even address making it equal on the benefits side or the income side.  

For one, I would call the heads of the Military.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff would be a good place to start, and tell them they have three years to shape up the Military.  There would be a Naval force, Army Force and an Air force.  The Marines would be in the ground or Army Component and the Coast guard would be in the navy.  Homeland defense would be at the table with the joint Chiefs of Staff but no forces above what is already there in the forces allocated.  I would give the Army a reserve component and put it under the National Guard.  I would put the Air Force reserves in charge of the Air Guard and the Navy would be in charge of the navy reserves. 

I would make sure that our congress and the Executive branch agree on every dollar spent and not foreign aid would get spent if it wasn't funded in the regular stream.  

This is the place where I want you to comment and let me know what you think.


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