Building Bridges

Yesterday I used the tractor to haul some big red glacier rocks for Barb's gardens.  As I drove by one of the sticker trees, a branch reached in and swatted me right on the nose.  It didn't bleed a lot but it hurts.  I godda boo boo on my dose and it hurts mommy!  OK enough of the whine.

Barb has asked me to build a bridge for her front garden.  I am pretty sure that I will have to make a rock run to fill the area by the bridge and then probably do some rock walkway. This all started with my making a different driveway.  Oh well, things change and most of the change is good and I can afford it.

I have a renter that is way behind in paying his rent.  between taxes and insurance, i have paid more than he has.  He called this morning and wants to talk.  I think I'm going to drive by the place and tell him that Money Talks and BS walks.  He knows the drill, in six days he needs to bring me a check or he needs to be gone by the end of the month.  I am not sure what he thinks talking will do for him, but for me, money or the street.

Better get rolling or it will be noon and I won't have accomplished anything.


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