Class Warefare

Has anyone else noticed that Obama is waging class warfare on the rich and he is rich?   Instead of a positive note about how even the working poor has the opportunity to be better, he is telling everyone that it is those pesky rich people that are hogging all the money.  It is not the taxes that is all wrong, it is the spending.  If you are spending a trillion dollars more each year and going broke doing it, STOP!  Try to grow the economy by spending on education and making the climate for small businesses better.  Another 10% from those at the top won't fix what ails us, a balanced budget will.  

How did you become un-poor?  I started from a neighborhood called Dog patch and my parents had little to give me as I climbed out of poverty.  My wife was the same way and together we got our educations, worked hard, saved money and climbed up the ladder to where we are today.  We weren't frugal in the broadest sense but we didn't spend money without a good reason.  

I am incensed that the President of the United States has the poorest record of about any president and he is being heralded as the savior of the poor folks.  I don't get it and I refuse to be told that I am part of the problem.  People like me are the solution.


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