Cooking Indian Style

When we were at the parade in Lawrence Saturday,  we ate at an Indian restaurant.  the food was good, spicy and a different taste to what has been on my diet for a while.  I decided to try to make an onion curry to take to the lunch in Kansas City.  So far it is  pretty good but hasn't quite come together yet.   Instead of using a curry powder, I used the spices and cooked them together.  I am thinking that the ginger I used might have not been quite spicy enough.  I'll keep at it. I am going to also take some smoked chicken legs and see what people think of a BBQ "griller" version of Hot Wings (or legs) version. 

I think next year, I will take our recumbent bicycles over to Lawrence and ride in the parade.  I will have to practice riding slow or get some good training wheels.  My bike rides best at about 12 MPH and the parade went much slower than that.  

This is the parade sign leading the parade.
I think one of the most interesting cars in the parade was the one at the end.  Someone took a 54 BMW and put it on a frame with an aircraft engine and pushed the car.  I'm pretty sure that the original car got about 45 MPG and now it would be lucky to get 6.  If you try to walk behind it, you had better stay at least 15 feet or it will blow crap in your eyes. 

better run and try to get the flavors adjusted on the curry.  Need to also make some rice.


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