Mental Image

The other day I read a magazine article about "What is your ideal weight."  I have a mental image of myself that I am about 200 Lbs when the reality is about 250.  By the same token, I am still a kid and able to leap tall buildings in a single....  No, I don't think I'm Superman, just not old.  Again the reality is that there are times I stagger (completely sober) when I have an image of myself as I have a swagger.  But, with that same image, I am able to work fairly hard but not as long as I once did.  I am also really fond of afternoon naps.

With that said, I am not unhappy with my lot in life.  I am working hard to accept that "I am what I am." (The Popeye Complex)  I am not ready to move into the nursing home, yet.  I think that it is the slight failure of my memory that bothers me the most.  I find myself walking out of a room and then remembering the thing I was there to do.  I probably had the same failure earlier in life, but was too busy to notice.  I Hope!   On the other hand I did ask the Library to have a new senior citizen Library card.  When You put your card into the self check out machine, and try to check out a book you have already read, it will beep.  I am also the same person that wants a urinary alarm that reminds me to go to the restroom before I go out and get in the car to go somewhere.  It will make the sound "PEE!  PEE! PEE!.

Yesterday my son called us and we weren't home.  We also did not have the pre-paid cell phone with us and Dave needed to get some help with a PEX pipe that had decided to let go.  The good news is that he knew how to shut the water off so it didn't continue to run.  The bad news, I didn't show him how to fix the problem the last time a pipe let go.  The other time it happened, one of the PEX fixtures broke from the hammering.  It was at the point where the 1/2 plastic pipe went down to two 3/8's hoses.  The hammering must have caused the joint to break.  This time, one of the factory metal bands let go and when Dave turned on the wash machine the pipe just came lose.  I am going to do some research today and see if I can find the new PEX  fixtures to fix the problem long term.  I did the short term fix that was a good hose automotive/plumbing hose clamps and as tight as I could get them.   If I can find the replacement pieces, I will crawl back under his house and replace a couple of the PEX fixtures.   The problem joint was under the furnace and it was pretty clear that the water condensing from the AC dripped on the little metal collar until it corroded.  There is another place where the corrosion has me unable to see what condition the metal band is in.  I can imagine that it is a leak going to happen.  

I guess I'd better get on with the day.  I hope you are relatively happy and bright.


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