Dieting 101

I am trying to live new rule for eating.   Eat breakfast like a king.  Eat lunch like a commoner and dinner like a pauper.  I am trying to find a new way to live life so I don't have to go on a "Diet".  I am sure that my life must include more exercise in the off season.  Right now, I am getting enough work in to make a big difference.

I am going to work out a system that allows me to have splurge days worked in and ways to make those days far enough apart that they don't hurt me in the long run.  I love some fried chicken now and then.  There is the occasional  hamburger and a steak if I just can't stand green vegetables any more.  The good news is that I also love a good salad.

It is 50 this morning and cool enough to want a jacket if you are out long enough.  I went out to fetch the paper in my shirtsleeves and it is just too cool to be out like that.   I'm sure that the garden is doing OK with the drip irrigation system working and the cool weather.  If it was hot and dry things just wouldn't do well.  Last year was a crappy year for tomatoes here in the Heartland.  

Oh well, better get on with the day.  You all play safe out there.


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  1. The diet sounds like a good one to me. Splurge days are allowed! I know what you mean about vegetables, after a week on them, I've just gotta have me some meat!!