Bathroom Update - Kinda

My rental house is one of those houses that was built in stages.  I think the original house was a two bedroom house serviced by an outhouse when it was built.  The reason I think this is that the floor where the plumbing is run is raised by 6 inches so the lines can be above the slab the house was built on.  There are no utilities below the floor grade right now.  The second addition was a living room and one more bedroom built in the 30's.  It has a crawl space below the floor and you go up a couple of stairs to get into that addition. The back addition that is now the master bedroom is over a basement and none of the utilities are run there.  There are three fuze boxes and they have different combinations of ages.  The oldest has screw in glass fuzes and the latest has the typical breakers.  

Somewhere out there in the distant future there will be a bathroom added over the basement area but that will also mean that I will have to add a sewer line, a water line and hot water heater.  That will be on hold until after it gets a roof.  

I went to Lowe's and Home Depot yesterday and I am of the opinion that Home Depot seems to be slightly better at pricing the products for a private person doing his own job.   No matter where I shop, the nicer stuff is kinda expensive.   There is one kind of flooring that is a "lifetime guarantee Waterproof" floor.  At a $1.59 a square foot it will probably be the flooring.  They have it in a travertine stone look and in an Oak look.  It is a click lock product and one I can do myself.  

In about an hour, Barb and I are going to go bike riding over at the lake.  I really love to feel the wind in my face and to get a little exercise.  After the Sunday dinner for the family, we have lots of left overs so we will probably come home to eat.  I am managing to cut down on the eating out at local restaurants and have dropped about 15 lbs by Barb's weight watchers scale.  The Doctor threatened me with a comparison of my A1C reading with normal.  I have no idea what that is other than it has to do with the tendency to be Diabetic.  My reading was 14.1 and a reading of 14.6 is where they start you on the oral medication.  With my Dad and an uncle both diabetic, I am in no hurry to go there.  My goal is to lose another 10 to 15 lbs and have the test run again.    

What makes me wonder is that my niece that was here over the weekend commented that the butt of my jeans were baggy.   I am not sure if they are baggy because they are too big or if I buy the "Old Guy" baggy jeans so the Boys will have more room.  I do know that thank god most of the jeans for old men are not that low cut kind that shows off your plumber's crack even when you are standing.  I guess I'll just have to revert to being a "Double Safety" man and wear a belt and suspenders when I really have to have my pants held up.  I am pretty sure that I can use a razor blade and cut the name Carhardt off the suspenders   when I need to go a little dressed up.  What?  Buy new jeans?  Are you crazy?  Not until I wear the old one's out.  

Oh well, better get moving, need to check out the pressure in the tires.  Need to drag out the compressor.


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