Mixed Message

Years ago, I had Malaria as a result of my service in Vietnam.  I spent a couple of weeks in the VA Hospital in Wichita.  As a part of that time there, I asked to have my hearing evaluated.  They gave me a test and the technician said that right then, I didn't need any hearing assistance but as I got older, I might.  Just recently I went over to the VA to have my hearing tested to see if the service connected part of my hearing loss was bad enough that they owe me hearing aids.  You can't walk in off the street and go to the hearing clinic.  I had to jump through their paperwork hoop and apply for a disability.  I had no clue if I needed aids, just a thought that I might.  It seems like it to me that I could walk in get a hearing test and apply based on the results of the test.  As it wound up, I finally went to Sam's club and had my hearing tested and he said I didn't need aids.  I completed the paperwork with the VA and  didn't expect much contact with them.

Wrong!   For the amount of paperwork sent me, they could have tested hundreds of us old guys and given a significant number of us the hearing assistance.  In the process, I was told that if I went to the VA for services, as long as I had medical insurance (Personal BC&BS kind) they would bill.  I was told that Tricare (from my Military service and Medicare were both Government pay services and they could not bill those providers.  

Compound that with the admonishment that the VA can't provide all services to all people, I expected to hear no more from the VA.  I basically was told that if it ain't service connect and I could pay for it, go somewhere else.  Works for me!

Today I got a letter from the VA and they want to be my first line of health Care providers.   My thought is What the hell is their real message.  In a couple of months, I will cancel my BC&BS health care and be totally on Medicare, Tricare and my own pocket.  Wouldn't the VA have been better off to have found me way back when and asked me to use the VA when the deep pockets of my civilian health care would have paid? 

I guess I should not think that anything about my Government would make total sense.  In a system where both sides are out there creating new laws to make us more equal and fair, they are sure spending a lot of time with each side telling us that those Pesky republicans and those danged Democrats are sure screwing up things.  I don't expect them to agree, but I do once in a while expect them to talk to each other.  


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