Saturday Update

Things here at Rabbit Run are great right now.  The outside is shaping up well and we are having a good time working outside.  So far it hasn't been too hot and there is always a nice breeze.  We have even taken the bikes out for a ride or three and man, that sure puts smile on my face.  I love to breeze along at just about 12 MPH and say "Howdy" to the people I pass.   We could use a couple of inches of rain as things are starting to brown up just as it is starting to turn warm.

As a Veteran, I often forget that Memorial or decoration day has morphed into a tribute to Veterans.  As someone that participated in a War, I should be more mindful of the cost and price paid for Freedom.  I am truly turning against the kind of Governments that cause things to be settled by War.  With that said, I will always be proud of the young men and women that are thrown into the conflicts and often don't understand the reasons but go because they were asked to pay the ultimate price.  As a child, each Memorial day we would drive to Eldorado, KS and pick Grandma's flowers to put on the graves of my Grandfathers.  Their graves were just a few feet apart in the small cemetery by the Skelly Oil refinery gate.  I have a picture of my mother as a young woman standing there near the graves.  

Mom in The Eldorado Cemetery  
I had better close soon and go see if I can put a smile on Barb's face.


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  1. MUD, that is a great photo. Thanks for your service.

    You're right about the "morphing" of Memorial Day. But, it's still okay with me if people stop and thank vets that survived their war. I've got one son just back from Afghanistan, and one headed there in November.

    I sure hope that they never qualify for celebration on Memorial Day. But, it won't hurt my feelings if people appreciate them on Memorial Day, too. I mean...I appreciate them (and their fellows) EVERY day.

    It's a little different now that there is no draft, I guess. In the last couple of decades the guys and gals that went in to the military did so voluntarily. But, I know that many (if not most) that were drafted went to war with a willing, and patriotic spirit.

    I wish we didn't have to fight wars, either, MUD. Damn shame that we have to...the subject is broad, and deep, as you know.

    Have a great weekend! Pray for rain.

    Man...we need it BAD down here. I mean, BAD. I don't know if we can stand another Summer of drought. I guess we'll adapt, but this is getting real old.