Book, Book? We don't need no stinking Book!

Can I write a book about personality type by Occupation? 

I described a relationship my niece was in and how the guy was fairly defined by his occupation. I wonder if it is nature or nurture? Was he an engineer because he step by step worked out problems or did he become more planning and completion of the plan oriented because of the nature of his work?  Is there a book that like Meyers Briggs describes people by the major part of an occupation?

 I remember the first time I sat in a science class and was forced to write what I thought the outcome of the experiment was. Was? Hell, I thought people just fooled around until something blew up or some wonderful compound was developed. I could not imagine that something as amazing as that something as complex as Walt Disney's fantasia actually had a script. I was completely blown away when I watched the Mouseketeers watch a cartoon made frame by frame.

I have often described soldiers that I worked with by describing the job they were best suited for. I had one friend that I know he would repel an ambush or die trying. He wasn't really good at planning but he could execute the crap out of a plan. I had another friend that could write plan in detail about what needed to be done but spent the rest of his days working on that plan when he needed to call it good enough and go repel the enemy as they came through the wire. I guess that in this case, trying to define a person by a job title won't work.

 As a child, I was a "doer". I just conducted my life as it happened and tried to enjoy life to the fullest. It wasn't until much later in my life that I was called to be a planner and I learned some skills that helped me run a more orderly life. I just wish I could have been taught the way to plan and execute in school. Perhaps I just wasn't ready to learn how then. I attended a class in North Little Rock, AR at the National Guard Professional Education Center that was focused on planning meeting and then how to conduct them. It was by far the best class I had ever taken and I learned more in that short class that I did in most of my College years.  I think the class was an MBA wrapped up in flip charts and colored markers.

 I think the one lesson that we learned was that a fair plan executed with vigor is better than a great plan not executed. Kinda like those guys on Omaha beach during the WWII Invasion of Europe found out that the thousands of pages of the "Overlord Invasion Plan" wasn't worth much once the first bullets started to fly. If they hadn't just hustled their butts up that beach they and the Invasion Plan would have died right there where they met the enemy. On the other hand, a good friend of mine, Butch Dowse, would say speed costs money, how fast do you want to go? I think he was always the guy that wanted us to slow down and look at all the parameters of a plan not just the outcome. Little things like cost and the unintended consequences would come back to bite us in the butt if we didn't fully evaluate them.

 I guess I just need to put that book on hold and see if there isn't a  a book that is a little more organized. Or, as people tell me, perhaps a collection of short war stories well told will be good enough.



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