Finances 101 for a Government

Let me start by saying that life is not fair.  There are people that want the government to be involved in every facet of life and make it so.  When one of the largest Investment banks this week posted a several Billion dollar loss, people say that we need more Government Involvement.  What about all the new initiatives we installed in the last round of problems.  Just how much more money can the government spend to tell these investment banks that they need to fly right.  I contend that if people make profits, they sometimes can lose their money.  If you don't like losses, don't Invest. 

Gov Jerry Brown of California was on TV today and said that the people of California must approve his referendum to raise taxes this fall or be subjected to mandatory cuts.  California cannot spend 16 Billion more then they take in.  He said that the expression of Government to the people of California is Highway Troopers, Nurses and Teachers.  There will be cuts in these areas unless the people all step up and pay more taxes.

People must be asleep out there if they believe that we can continue to make life more equitable (or fair) by having bigger Government.  The weight and cost of the bureaucracy is far outstripping what we can afford now. The Congress at all levels must focus on either finding ways to cut spending or raise taxes.  

The Kansas Legislature did not get their work done this year and are spending a lot of money to extend the time they are in session.  I for one do not think they would let this happen if there was a clear message that they will be in session without pay until they get the job done.  There were two things they had to do a balanced budget and a redistricting plan based on the new census.  They passed a bill that leaves a several billion dollar hole if left in place for four years and the courts are now being drug into the drawing of the battle lines.  Leave everything else alone and do your most important job first.  I think they feel that if they hold the budget until the last minute, they can sneak out of town with a less than stellar effort made.  

Barb agreed that I needed a tractor here at Rabbit Run and I have been trying to perform some landscaping projects to make the tractor pay for its self.   Here are just a few examples:

Big Red Glacier Rock in the Garden
Another big rock
Front Garden Bridge
I am going to mow today and clean up some of the mess I have made.  


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