Dennis Miller's Radio Program

Yesterday evening I got the urge to mow a little and I took my headphones with me.  I plugged into talk radio and listened to Dennis Miller.  It was funny that he spends so much time laughing at all the silliness going on. He thought that Romney should select the actor Lovitz as his running mate strictly because of the bumper sticker -

Romney Lovitz

Kinda cracks me up too.  

I listened to the segment that was about Cain's new book.  It is 9 9 9 and is his compilation of how to solve our budget crisis.  He wants a straight 9% tax with no deductions or exceptions.  He would start with throwing out the tax code of 72,000 pages and impose a straight 9% income tax, a 9% corporate tax and a 9% sales tax.  It is all collected at the start point and the federal Government would be responsible for collecting it not making us pay an income tax that is full of holes and deductions.  He cited Warren Buffet, Mr I don't pay my fair share of taxes as an example.  Warren's company made 200 Million and he would have to pay 9% of that and 9% on his take home pay.  That amount by simple math would be more money than his poor secretary.  This was the first time I had listened to the whole discussion on the 9 9 9 tax plan and I think it sounds straight forward to me.  The only problem is I see the need for it to be 10% but I always want an extra tip for education.

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