One of those Days

I woke up this morning to the sound of a thunder storm.  The weatherman said a small storm would pass in the night but by early this morning it would be dry and clear.  I waited for a few minutes before I had to get up.  The sound of running water just reminds me of the need to pee.  I went up and had to work hard to remember the code for the burglar alarm and had thoughts of reading the Sunday Morning paper.  Yes, I now know it is Tuesday and I was wrong.  

Sunday, I was told that you didn't have to do the finger test to see if a baby's diaper is wet.  There is a little blue line that does that for you.  Cool.  It reminds me of the Coors beer label that turns blue when the beer is cold enough.  Not sure why you would need that but hey, it is their gimmick.  I do fully understand the diaper marker.  Reminds me of the Bladder warning sign for helicopter Pilots It goes Pee.Pee.Pee!  

I think I will go over to the other side of town and see if the new Big Box Store behind Lowe's is open yet.  Mervin or something like that.  I have a bathroom remodel coming up soon and am looking for great prices.  I will have to tear out the tub and replace it along with the sub floor.    I will also replace the 1950 vanity while I am at it.  The door to the bathroom is only 24 inches wide so I'll probably have to bust the cast iron tub up to get it out.  The other day I saw that they have new tubs that are a combination shower and are only about 17 inches tall.  It also has a built in enclosure so that won't be too tough to get in.  I am going to rent a porta potty 

It was funny to listen to my niece and her husband discuss their plans for a bump out for the kitchen.  She has great ideas and firm plans.  He had great ideas and financial ability now if they can agree on his part of the deal.  I wish them well.  

Every once in a while, I break down and buy lottery tickets.  I can't find a good reason as the odds of winning are so low.  Besides, I would probably be one of theose stories where the lottery winner wins a million and spends two.  

Did you hear Barack's joke?  "How do you tell the difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull?  The Pit bull taste's better."  I don't get how that's any less offensive than the joke about the County Commissioner dating a girl from the Indian Reservation and every time they danced, it would rain.  Or his other girl friend must have been a magician, she charged him $25 per trick.  Or did you know the new association in Shawnee County is Mothers against dyslexia or DAM.  

Oh well, on with the day.

Went over to Lowe's and Home Depot.  Sheesh are they proud of the stuff to go in the bathroom. A good tub and enclosure is over $500  a vanity and top is $300.  A Wall cabinet is $300 and fixtures will probably run 250 to 300.  I figure the structure to support it all is at least $200  and another 100 for flooring.  I haven't even figured the rent in that.  When I get down to the bare walls, I may have to do some sheet rock and pretty sure there is some paint needed.  I did see that on TV they spent about $13,000 on a bath but it was purdy.   



  1. Labor is deductable when you pay someone else to do the work. I would hire that job out. Remember Murpheys Law, if something can go wrong, it will...........

  2. Hey MUD...tomorrow is Wednesday.

    Don't bother to thank me.

    Yeah, we have been planning a bathroom remodel on our garage apartment(which we NEVER have rented...even though the boys lived up there when we still had the boys here).

    I don't know why Pam keeps harping on me about making it nice. Hell, I pulled the bathtub, sheetrock, plumbing, wall heater...

    What else does she want??? And "WHY?"

    Well, she's got this idea in her head that when the boys come home to visit, she wants a nice place for them to take a dump.


    We will eventually get it did...but I'm not in any hurry. Thank God that Spring has come on, and she's now gardening, and put that deal on the back burner. Maybe she'll forget about it...

    No way.

    I'm going to put in a four foot wide shower stall deal that they sell at Lowes.