Smoke Screens at Election Time

If I were the incumbent President, I too would try to find any issue that support any group of people and make it an issue to deflect what the big problem really is.  Do you really think that whatever the President feels about Gay marriage has any effect on the real world?  Truly the law will have to start in a State and spread up.  It will not be a top down solved issue.  I often tell this story:
Boy 1 - "My Foot hurts!"
Boy 2 - "Which one?"
Boy 1 - "Can you really do anything about it?"
Boy 2 - "Not really"
Boy 1 - "Then what difference doe it make?"

I hear people ask the Presidential Candidates how they feel about abortion.  Clearly, the President won't change the law of the land and his feelings aren't worth one piece of spit in a rainstorm.  I hate the concept of anyone removing a viable life from their body as a way to stop a life.  By the same token, I do not want the Federal Government making law about what to me is an issue between a woman and her Doctor.  All this talk about abortion, contraception costs are all things out there to deflect the real issues.

Why has the President stopped the idea of a pipeline across the USA?  It would bring oil and jobs to us as the Canadian oil would flow to our refinery.   They make a big issue out of passing a bill that will call for cars to get 50 MPG in 10 years but have no good way to help develop our own oil and or alternative fuel sources.  

there was a Hugh outcry when the Koch brothers offered to give millions of dollars to the Republican party.  Where is the same outrage about the millions of dollars provided by a Hollywood fundraiser last night.  Hello, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.  

I for one would replace 1/3 of the Senate this election with a promise to change 1/3 in two years if they don't get busy finding the solutions to some big problems.  Lets get a budget that addresses the past, the present and the future.  Start paying off the National Debt,  Solve some of today's big problems and get Social Security back in the realm of the possible.   Don't blow smoke up my skirt over a few minor issues and tell me it is a forest fire.  I don't think you are asleep out there and this election will be a reflection of true feelings of concerned people.


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