Workin' on the Truck

Hello Boys and Girls,

Whenever I start working on an easy project on the truck, it always turns into something more than I expected.  We dropped a Chevy 350 motor in the 53 pickup and because of the height of the motor and radiator, I put an electric fan on the radiator and left off the metal fan on the engine.  The thing is, I do need the water pump to circulate the antifreeze and support the alternator.  I bought a new pump thinking that it would be a 30 minute project. Yeah Right!   Getting the old pump off was no big deal and I was probably only 30 minutes behind when I got it all off.  

I did have to run to the hardware store to buy some 1/2 inch, 5/16ths bolts to hold the pulley on but no big deal.  I got it all back together and found there was a dribble leak and I could not see where it came from.  I yard-ed it back apart and discovered the paper gasket on the bottom of the pump got knocked askew and was leaking.  I also noticed that the bolts for the water pump were just wrong.  I picked up the right bolts and some of that silicone gasket sealer to help it hold water when I got it back together.  All's well that ends well.  For some strange reason there was a good new paper gasket for the right side of the pump there in the garage. 

Yesterday here was about 95 degrees and there was about a 30 MPH wind blowing.  Dust and grit in everything and it didn't aid in my efforts that it was so hot.  I think it is getting me ready for July here in the heartland.  It is cloudy today but so far it is still dry.  We need about an inch of water a week and we are a couple of weeks behind.  Barb does have a drip irrigation system on the garden and everything is mulched.

Barb just said the magic words, "Bike Ride."   Better go get the bikes in the truck.  I think I need my smile renewed today.

It was well up in the 90's yesterday and it was 76 when we got up.  At 10:30 it was still 76 and windy.  That is about the perfect weather for me to ride.  Barb took her camera and stopped in the gardens by the lake.  I'm sure she will have many beautiful pictures on Facebook later.  Going to go have lunch with the kids in a little while.  I get to watch the hollow leg teenagers fill up.  


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