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The last week or so, I have been writing these blogs without a Post Title.  I wait until the end and see what it looks like and then make something up.  It is not that I'm uninspired to write, it is that I am not sure if I can stay on a consistent theme long enough to make the title a good thing.  I am fairly sure that you really don't care what I call them so unlike the books with the great beginnings, I will go for the content as much and then try to match a good title.

Yesterday I asked Barb what she wanted for Mother's day and she said lets go looking for rocks.  Yes, those big red Glacier carried rocks you find in Kansas at the edge of streams. People say that during the ice age they were carried from Minnesota or one of the Dakotas to Kansas.  At KU, I had a geology professor tell us that the Kansas river was the edge of the glacier.  I cal BS on that unless the river was once about 10 miles south of where it is now. We seem to have several but those out there now are not in convenient places.  If they were, I would have already drug them up to the house.  At least I now have a tractor to lift those big heavy SOB's to where Barb wants them.  One of my adventured with them led to a trip to the emergency room with mashed toes.  Note- do not put your foot out to try to stop a 300 lb rock from falling.  Let it hit the ground and go from there. 

I had planned on starting on the bathroom renovation at the rental house today but I had a blinding flash of the obvious.  They have kids and the thought of having them underfoot all day was just more that I really wanted.  I also have a tenant that is grossly behind and if I can get him out of the little house, we can have that bathroom to use while I am redoing the one in the bigger house.  The lady of the renovation house agreed that this is a good plan she had some real misgivings about trying to work around me tearing out the bath.   I guess I will just have to get out this morning and try to wrestle up one of those big red rocks.  I am going to harbor freight to get some chains to augment the small supply of them on hand.

Oh well, more later.  We went to Lawrence and my sister sent us home with the salad makings for several good salads.  It fits well with our diet and I love a good crisp salad.  One time I had a class of managers over to my house because of a lack of class room space and one of them was a chef in a previous life.  He took the greens and soaked them in ice cold water for about an half hour prior to serving the salad.  Man did that ever make a difference.  I loved it and still do.

On our way home, it was nearing 90 and Barb said that it was going to be cooler starting tomorrow.  I delayed the rock hunting (really rock fetching, I know where they are) until it does cool down.  I am also going to have to cut a path in places so the tractor can fit.  The tractor is about 5 feet tall except for the roll over protection cage that is about 4 feet taller and there is a 9 inch fiberglass roof on top of that  Trees just are in the way.  When we moved here, Barb would guard each tree and make me ask for permission to cut them down.  She now realizes that there are enough trees that a few now and then just don't matter.  Cut one out and the rest grow in to that space soon enough.

Better run.


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