Mother's day

As Mother's day opens, I realize that we only have Barb's mother now and it makes me miss my mother a lot.  No, I don't want to convince you that my mother was perfect, in fact it was all her imperfections that made her as great as she was.  Mom could out sing, eat and laugh most people.  I have often described her as being the Earth Mother and a hug from her could last all day.   I think she was a talented person that never hit the end of the new things she could do.  

Mom the mechanic

I feel like one of the most lucky guys in that my mother and my wife loved me and they liked each other.   

Baby Boom 1948

That's me in my mother's lap second row left.

Barb in the woods

Because of these women, I have had a great life of life, love and laughter.



  1. Good tribute, MUD. Really good.

    I love the story about your Mom and the eating utensil (a fork, I think) while she planned her journey to Heaven.

    I know you miss her.

    Still have my Mom, but the clock is ticking, and I know I won't always have her.

    Good tribute.

    Great ladies...

  2. So true! Oh, and look at your puffy cheeks! I told you they ran in the family;)