One of the topics on Facebook this week within my family is the vacation we are going to take this fall.  One of the nieces has a connection to a company that rents houses on the gulf shores and many of us are going to go down there and play on the beach and splash in the ocean.  One of the Nephews-in-law is like me and likes to cook.  In the past, when we would have a family get together, a trophy would be awarded for the best dish.  So far I have failed miserably in the race.  At least one time my meal was barely edible.  Now, there is talk of having a contest during the family vacation.  Being a cook in the heartland, I feel totally inadequate in the seafood category.  Give me some honest beef, chicken or pork and I'm your guy.  But, Fish is just something beyond my normal range.  I guess I have a few months to get ready for a throw down.  We'll see.

One things about me is that ages ago, I found that I truly can be glad for others to succeed.  There is always some grumble heard from the distaff side about why him and not me?  I have truly been blessed with the ability to be glad for others when good fortune strikes anyone.  I guess part of the blessing is that I have been rewarded in a lot of ways and I think there is always enough room for everyone to succeed if they want to.  How can a conservative be an optimist?  I sure don't know, but I am glad.

This election year has me a slight bit frustrated.  I am not sure how a person with no personal integrity like Newt could even be considered let alone divide the party like he has.  I think Romney has the ability to be a good President but Just once I would like for us to have a charismatic President that can expand the number of people that support the office of the President.  I did listen to Barack as he ran for the office and his speeches had the right tone.  Change, hope and pride were used and as a result he was elected.  The economy has caused him to not reach the heights he desired.  I think he was misled by the Military-Industrial complex into making Afghanistan a bigger war.  Like every other invading force, we should have just come home and let them settle their differences.  I am pretty sure that the Billions spent there could have done a lot back here.  Perhaps even paid some of the National Debt.  

One thing I want to assure you is that I don't care one whit that Romney is a Mormon.  I don't care if Barack is a protestant or a Muslim.  I am glad we have the right to have freedom of religion here and I would like for everyone to continue to have the the right to have their god, or not.  I guess I was amazed when the subject of JFK Kennedy being a Catholic was made to be a big deal.  I would much rather have a person with some moral values in the White House than a person that has no moral compass.  

Speaking of a lack of a moral compass, have you been watching the John Edwards fiasco?  I guess some people with money think they can do things differently in private than they do in private.   The first time I heard that he got a $500 haircut, I was taken back.  The most expensive haircut I ever got was $14 with a couple dollar tip.  My current barber charges me $10.  heck, I don't even really look in the mirror when the Barber is finished.  It is a haircut not a masterpiece.  That reminds me of what the Shawnee County Commissioners did the other day.  They awarded a contract for mowing to the highest bidder because the two lower bidders didn't have great references.  It was for Mowing.  Seesh!  just how hard is that?  What special talents does a person have to have to mow?  How does the little guy start out if he can't even qualify for a job mowing?  

Oh well, on with the day.



  1. You don't have to cook seafood, but if you want to that would be your chance. You would be right there where it is all fresh! I am pretty sure that I will enjoy everything everyone cooks. One of my all time favorites is your chicken and rice salad! I am so excited!

  2. MUD, you're going to enjoy Gulf Shores. We used to vacation there every year, but it's been a while. I think they're the most beautiful beaches in the nation...just my opinion.

    Boil some swimps! Can't go wrong that way.

    I also want to concur about being happy for the success of others. I've always been that way myself...never begrudged anybody for doing well, even if it meant that I had to wait my turn, or get off the train. I can't take any credit for that...just got here that way. I love to see the other guy make it big (unless it's a socialist that gets elected President, because that affects me & mine).