4th of July

What is the kind of 4th of July that appeals to you?  I like to spend a nice day doing whatever I choose but there have been a few years that were memorable.

Lets start with what is the prototypical small town celebration. Just off I 70 is the town of Wamego, KS.  They will have every activity you would want to spend the day and meet some of the nicest people anywhere.  They have a great car show in the park with some of the most spectacular cars.  About 6 PM, they have a parade that has everything from kids on bicycles to tractors.  That evening they have a fireworks display that is very good.

If watching a Fireworks display is your thing, here in Topeka they have one out by Lake Shawnee.  It is always nice and worth the travel there.

When we lived in Leavenworth, there was always a great fireworks show there on Post.  Don't know if they will have one this year but I'm sure you can look it up on line.

One thing I would ask you to do is to think about what the 4th of July means to us all.  Celebrate the freedoms we have and what we have not what separates us.  For one day,  put aside the differences and think about the thrill of the blended society we have. 

Have a great day out there.

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