What a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Another of those strange July "Cold" fronts passed through yesterday and today it is a lot cooler and the air is dry (for Kansas).   Barb convinced me to get the bikes loaded on the car and we went to the lake for a ride.  I swear it couldn't have been much nicer.  We try to not ride on the weekends because of all the foot traffic.  Today the numbers of people was way down and even the dog walkers seemed to be at a minimum.  The only thing I would change is that we need a little rain to help out the tomato and soybean growers.  We don't have any beans but the tomatoes are taking over.

While I was loading the bikes on the car, Barb went to the garden.  I told her to not pick any more tomatoes and she came back to the car with one in her hand.  She said it fell off the vine and she just had to bring it.  In her defense she did give it to one of the ladies working on the gardens at the lake.  A little while ago, Barb asked me what I wanted for lunch.  I told her that as long as there was bread, lettuce, bacon and tomatoes that was the answer.   Silly girl.

I am going to take the Ford over to the car wash and give it a good bath.  I'm not sure where, but some birds thought it looked like a lavatory.  It won't hurt top give the inside a good vacuum.   It is always the small things that keep me busy.

Oh well, better get moving.


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